February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day - Rough Days Can Have Sweet Endings

My life may seem perfect to some people because I mostly don't post about my life problems but like every other normal person out there my life is a roller coaster filled with ups and downs.

Unfortunately, the day before Valentine's Day, I got into a stupid fight with my fiance all due to my lack of communication skills. We didn't even talk until 4pm on V-day.

When we finally had the chance to talk, we discussed our feelings for about an hour and talked about what we could do different in the future.

Ugh...first fight as fiance and fiance. But it did feel good to be completely open with each other.

To get our mind off of all the fighting, E.W. cooked us a beautiful meal consisting of lobster tail, crab legs w/butter, crab salad, crab cakes and some white wine.

OMG it was so effin delicious!!

Let me tell you girls, make sure the man you marry knows how to cook. You will have a wonderful life if you both enjoy cooking for each other.

We ate everything. Not a morsel of food was left. The dogs even licked up all of the leftover crumbs and all.

All Goneeeeeee!!!!

Me: Smiles for the camera everyone!!

London: Cheeeeeeese!!

E.W: I still hungry! I eat you next!

E.W. kept blowing on the dripping candle wax until it formed a long wax icicle that almost reached the table!! It was quite hypnotizing watching the icicle form.

And in spirit of the ups and downs on Valentines Day, here are the ups and downs of the men in my life...


Cute stuff -
He snuggles his chubby tush into the palm of my hand, he lets me make funny noises with my mouth on his tummy, it takes one kiss on his neck to make him the happiest dog in this world, he sleeps between E.W. and I every night.

Not so cute stuff - He protects his momma from the world (because everyone is evil and trying to assassinate mommy), he will eat something disgusting just so London can't eat it, his paws smell like fritos.


Cute stuff -
he has a snaggletooth, when I lay on my stomach he will take a nap on my back, he sleeps standing up, he does handstands, he loves to kiss and loves to play.

Not so cute stuff - He licks pee off fire hydrants, he swallows tampons, he growls at everything.


Cute stuff - He wakes me up every morning with a kiss, he watches girly reality shows with me, he dresses better than most girls, he smells good without cologne, he loves my family, he's hilarious, he is in love with me.

Not so cute stuff - He's a workaholic, we aren't married yet...that's all :)

The good definitely out weighs the bad in all of my men!!!

I hope everyone had a great V-day!!!

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