February 04, 2011

My First Mobile Blog Post

I'm laying here at the pool in Puerto Rico and I suddenly got the urge to blog. My laptop is all the way back in my hotel room and i don't feel like paying the $15 for internet anyway (well technically E.W. would be paying for it but it's still a rip-off).

Anywho, I started thinking... There has to be a way to blog from my iPhone. I mean, it already does everything else for me such as wakes me up, calls my cabs, pays my bills, reminds me of appointments, takes my pics and vids, entertains me, and so on.

So why not write my blogs on my iPhone when I don't have easy access to my comp???

I googled this and within 5 minutes I setup my gmail account to forward posts to my blog!

Yay now I'm officially a mobile blogger!! There is a downside though. I can only post pics that I have stored on my iPhone most of which have been taken by my phone. And I think I can only add one pic per post. I could be wrong though. I hope I'm wrong. My pics are my eye candy.

Anyway, you like the pic up top? That's currently the gorgeous view behind me. Oh and did I mention I'm typing this on my phone?? Lol

If I end up liking this.. Maybe I'll add a mobile post section!!

This is called ingenuity people!! Ok I need to go work on my tan a.k.a laze around on my pool bed until I get bored.

If something interesting happens, I'll be sure to mobile post ;)

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