February 15, 2011

An At-Home Chemical Peel To Look Younger

I've always had a problem with dead skin on my face to the point where I have considered doing a chemical peel at the doctor's office.

Layers of dead, dry skin can be caused by tanning, insufficient exfoliation and even genetics. My problem is genetics. My dead skin doesn't shed often which causes a backup of rough dry skin on my face and clogged pores. Blah!!

When I got asked to review InstantPeel I was very skeptic on whether it would work or not.

Well Ladies & Gentlemen...

This is the first review that I have done and afterward can happily say that I have become a life long user of this product. InstantPeel is amazing. No lie. The photos below is all the proof you need.

Before using InstantPeel, I needed to steam my face for 5 minutes to soften the skin. I took a hot shower so that my skin would be extra soft. Need to make sure it all comes off!

Once my skin was baby smooth, I applied InstantPeel all over my face in circular motions and it started working right away!!! A thick layer of dead skin started to melt off of my face!!

It sounds gross and looks gross but all of those white clumps on my forehead is dead skin peeling right off!

I thought all of my skin was going to peel off of my face!

But it was amazing how smoothly the dead skin peeled off without irritating healthy skin layers. After the short treatment, my skin felt soft and silky with a radiant complexion.

My skin was so smooth that when I rubbed it with my fingers it made a *squeak* *squeak* noise. That's what I call squeaky clean!!

The procedure needs to be repeated every 2-4 weeks, so no more bothering with daily exfoliations.

The best part about the treatment was how much smaller my pores looked. Not only did my pores look smaller but my complexion evened out as well. No more red blotchy spots yay!

Having a truly clean face feels so invigorating.

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Tom Howell said...

To Look Younger? For God's sake you are what, 23/24? do you have to really look younger Julie?

Nelly Michelle said...

did this sting ur face ?

Jewelz said...

Not at all Nel...It was a creamy texture and no burning at all :) You would seriously love it.

Nelly Michelle said...

where did u get it from illl try it :)

Jewelz said...

You can get it at www.instantpeel.com

Nelly Michelle said...

oh ok cool thanks :)

JENGA said...

I want it...does it dry ur face out tho in the Beggining? And umm stop tanning...ill spray u Silly!!

Diane said...

I got to review it too and I LOVE it - I would def buy it! I was suprised that 1. It didnt irritate my face and 2. That it actually worked!

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Amethyst Moon said...

Thanks for linking up at tuesdays gone. This is a great review, very informative. Thanks.

Gertrude said...

Great review! Don't really need it right now but will certainly be considered in the future :) x

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Anya Rudn said...

Great post thanks for the review!

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MaviDeniz said...

ooh i want to try this! i just finished off my orgins chemical peel pads and i wasn't really impressed =(

bablu said...

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biswa said...

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Katie Hallison said...

This may have an effect on different kinds of facial skin. Some people may develop allergies, but in your case, it went well. It's better for others to ask their dermatologists first before trying this.