February 04, 2011

Puerto Rico Is Heavenly

I spent my entire day in PR lazing around and running away from tropical rains.

Damn tropical rain that comes every hour on the hour.

While E.W. was nice and dry at work, I was running back and forth between the pool bed and my hotel room because the clouds decided to rain in short but violent bursts today.

It wasn't all bad though. I got some color! I'm no longer Casper yay.

Even though there is tons of yummy food all around me, I've been pretty good with what goes in my tummy.

Had an apple for lunch the other day.
Oh look! E.W. got back from work and proceeded to work even more on his laptop!! Surprise surprise.
Best strawberry mojito EVER. And not just ever, but EVER EVER. I wish it had more strawberry pulp though.
Every pool bed has this canvas thingy over it. When it rained, it kinda protected me until the wind started blowing the rain in a diagonal...and right into my face.
Can't live without my morning non-fat latte. Luckily my hotel has not one but TWO Starbux's. They sure know how to cater to us coffee addicts.
I'm planning on a pretty exciting night in Old San Juan tonight. Need to get my beauty nap on.


xNTA said...

:D Tell EW to put that laptop away and bask in the awesomeness that is Puerto Rico! Hope you're having a blast, babe!
Have a great one! x http://xnta.blogspot.com/

LynSire ♛ said...

PR looks like so much fun! I hope to go one day :) Have a fun trip!!


Rossella said...

wow how do you stay so thin
beautiful body hun


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