December 13, 2010

Some Guys Just Don't Get It

My weekend started out great with my baby cousin Jenny Poo visiting me from NY. She is technically my cousin but we see each other as more like sisters.

I rarely get to see her because our lives are both busy and lack of transportation is also a problem.

We decided to go out for some party time and Jen asked me to do her hair and makeup coz she isn't into makeup like I am and wears very little. Not that she needs any makeup!

So we decided to do a fun makeover!!

I did her hair all purty and makeup similar to mine. Except I used way smaller fake lashes on her because the ones I use would probably blind her.

Here's the before and after:

Au natural and pretty before and super glam and sexy after!!

We met up with my good friend (who's name I shall not disclose because I might be beheaded in my sleep if I do so) and headed out to G Lounge & Whisper.

I was having an awesome time as always until I ran into a guy I can't fucking stand.

Hate is a strong word...but I REALLY REALLY detest this dude.

You can read more about why I hate him here.

So this guy, who spread viscous rumors about me and almost made me lose the love of my life, and I have a few of the same friends....unfortunately.

Because of this I have to see his stupid face all over the city.

Everyone that knows me well knows that I am the least confrontational person EVER. I will never start a fight or be the first to say something mean to someone.

One of my friends even complains all the time that I'm too nice and need to stand my ground more.

So whenever I see this dude in the city, I'm not mean and I'm not nice. I just mind my own business and stay away from him.

Well this weekend I saw him again at Whisper and to my horror he was hanging out with the group of friends I was hanging out with.

Whatever, I was gonna ignore him standing right next to me and have fun with my friends.

I was about to drink a shot that a friend had bought me when this guy...


To try and have a shot with me. I immediately excused myself and started to leave..and the dumbass goes...

"What! you can't have a shot with me and my girlfriend?"

First off DOUCHEBAG...why bring your girlfriend into this? I actually kind of used to like her and sympathize with the fact that she has to sleep with you every night.

Second...You are a two-faced go around saying that I'm cheating on my BF and then try and be nice to my face like nothing ever happened?

Maybe someone that wants to be liked by everyone, thus looks over the fact that you are saying shit, would be nice to you but I don't need people like you to like me. I'm not going to be fake nice to you EVER.

I don't care who your friends are, I don't care how many people don't like me because I don't like you. Don't ever fuck with my relationship.

And the fact that you have the balls to spread rumors behind my back and not confront me shows how insecure you are and how you strive to have people like you.

I am saying now...not anonymously or behind your back..that you are scum...and never to come near me or E.W. again because you don't deserve the light of day from good people like us.

And thanks for flipping me off at the end of the night. Go ahead coz you know... your finger brings me oh so much pain.

This guy just doesn't get it. He might have thought he was trying to make things better by being nice, but that's like beating someone up and then saying "well let me make it better by being nice to you and downing a shot on your behalf!".


And now my fingers tips hurt because I've been typing so hard out of anger and I didn't even realize.

Ok...rant over. makes me feel dirty even talking about him...I need a shower.


In other happier news...this holiday month is particularly fun for me because I will be performing my aerial act several times this week.

I'll be performing at Delilah's Xmas show tomorrow at 8pm and 12midnight and I'll also be performing my aerial act in the Nutcracker ballet this Saturday!

So much is going on right now, everything is so Xmas-sy and E.W and I are in such a good place, and the whole combination of all this has been making me feel quite elated.


Also we finally got a XMAS TREE!!

Time to go decorate it. BYE!

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Christina Wolfe said...

love reading your blogs♥

Jeremiah Carber said...

Jewelz is fcking awesome! lol I own I laughed so hard when I saw meat head on a plate!!!! LMFAO!

Alina Pikalyuk said...

how do u get the hair lie that, what curling iron do u use and spray?

Anonymous said...

Living in philly I am very curious as to who the douche is

Zhenya Abramson said...

I love you Julie! And that is the most beautiful thing anyone has written about me! I'm going to try to go visit you more often!!

Jewelz said...

i used a Conair 3/4 inch barrel. You can get it at CVS for like only $40-$50.

Anonymous: I cannot say... but HE knows who he is.