December 06, 2010

Skipping My High School Reunion

About a month or so ago I was invited to attend my 5 year high school reunion via Facebook.

How the hell have 5 years gone by already??

I was so excited to go for all of 10 seconds until I realized that I fuckin hated high school.

Oops...oh ye

Don't get me wrong, I had an amazing childhood but high school was a lonely experience for me. My life was so different from everyone else so it was hard for me to connect with people.

My life consisted of going to school, coming home, getting changed and going to ballet class. Some nights I didn't even have time for homework. I was training to be a professional ballet dancer and I couldn't be happier with my "ballet life".

In my "ballet world" I had many friends, many was good. But everyday I had to be brought back to my "boring life" at school.

While all the kids in my high school were focused on dating and wearing cool clothes, I was traveling the world and working my butt off for a dream.

All of this caused me to become somewhat of a loner at school.

Don't get me wrong, I had friends, I just couldn't be the friend that goes to birthdays, sleepover and parties because of my schedule.

In 9th grade, I left school to train and perform in Ukraine for 6 months and when I came back I felt lonelier than ever. Most of my friends seemed to have moved on to new friends and I was all alone.

So as I was faced with this high school reunion thing, I thought, ye I could go and show off to everyone how amazing I have become haha. Or, I can not waste my time on people that have made no impression on my life.

Obviously I chose #2. I will always keep in touch with the 4 people from school that made it bearable, but everyone else ...well basically...

I don't give a shit!

I look back at the girls who were considered "pretty and popular" in school and seeing photos of them now it really amazes me how perceptions change over time. All I see now are a bunch of average looking, beer guzzling college students.

And the guys who were considered "hot" back in school...


I found a guy on Facebook that I had the biggest crush on for years and you would have to pay me to date him now.

So to the people who weren't so nice to me in Lower Moreland High School, thanks for not including me in your social cliques because I would have become one of you, and even the thought of that scares me.

And to Rada, my one true friend in school who is still to this day the most kind-hearted person I have ever met...thank you for being there :)

If it wasn't for our French teacher forcing me to apologize to you for calling you a name in 5th grade...we would have never met and my life would have been a little less complete.

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Christopher Robert said...

LOVE this butt you should go to its and show everyone whats up and be like HA look at me now! I feel the same way and just did it at my reunion! Royal Blast!

Alina Pikalyuk said...

fuck them losers in high school, ur way cooler than them

George Korkus said...

Why aren't you going

Michael Mamigonian said...

Atta girl lol

Richard C. Willens said...

YOU MUST GO!!! You will regret it, later, if you don't go! Besides, don't you want to see how many of the losers and geeks are huge successes and how many of the Popular kids have traded places with the losers??? Or...Hot girls who got FAT! :) Geeks that are now HOTT! Guys that are balding! It will be a blast and we ALL know how they will react to you....ENVY!!!! Go and Gloat!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just read your blog...I was WRONG (that's rare)...DON'T GO!!! You are right...they were not anything like you and visa versa. Wait until your 20th or 40th reunion...that will be a REAL Reality check! LOL My 45th is coming up! I DID go to my 20th. and 1 guy who was very short but popular, apparently had a bit of a "complex" and showed up in a stretch limo with two VERY TALL top models/hookers/models/ on each arm. It was the funniest scene, ever! It was VERY weird seeing the homecoming Queen with wrinkles, bags under her eyes and being the Mother of three kids had done to her body! Ewwwww! I (on-the-other-hand) was the tall, skinny, picked-on kid that had shown up with a drop-dead gorgeous, 10 years younger, Swedish hottie from Minnesota who happened to be my, then, fiance. I could sense the "envy" from every guy there...and She was ALL MINE!!! LOL

Jessica B said...

Didn't I take that photo of you and rada? That was so long ago; I think I was a college freshman.

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