December 07, 2010

Photo Makeovers

I was stumbling around the internet as I usually do in times of boredness, and stumbled onto something called HDR photo technique. I immediately thought HDR stood for hi-def resolution but I was wrong.

HDR turned out to be "high dynamic range" photography and it is so so so cool! I cannot stress enough how cool it is. Maybe it's just extra cool to me coz I'm a photography and Photoshop geek, but this technique will inevitably change the way I take photos.


HDR is the technique of taking 3 photos of the same subject... One photo correctly exposed, one over-exposed and one under-exposed, and merging them into one photograph. This essentially creates an intense dreamlike image by allowing a greater dynamic range of luminance between the lightest and darkest areas of the image.

After learning this technique I became angry..WTF I could have been making my already awesome photos even cooler the whole time. Now I have to go back and re-edit all of my old photos which will take years to do coz I have something like 10,000 photos on my comp.

Why must I learn about such cool things so late? Now I'm paranoid that there are other awesome things that I'm missing out on.

I decided to take a few pics from my recent Amsterdam, Greece & Paris trips and HDRize them. I obviously can't do the actual manual technique with my old photos but I can achieve a very similar effect with Photoshop.

To see what the photos looked like before I masterfully HDRized them...

hold your mouse over the image to see before & after.

Landscape view of Athens. Now you can see the real beauty of what I saw.

Inside the Acropolis

My first view of Paris.

Pigeons take flight in the heart of Amsterdam.

Sunset at the bay in Margate, NJ.

Walking the plank at Bartram's Gardens in Philly.

The vibrant sunset that E.W. was trying to capture can finally be seen in all its glory.


So if you start wondering why the photos on my blog have suddenly become more know why!!

Of course I'm not going to do it to every photo because it takes too damn long and I'm lazy.

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Wow, what a cool technique!!

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Tim Robertson said...

Good job with those! They look great!

Des said...

Hi! I'm your new follower! Wow, the photos look amazing. You surely are very gifted at photography! :-) Hmm I wish I can do the same with mine..

Would ❤ to hear from you too...

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Grace Matthews said...

That is awesome!

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