September 19, 2010

Chicago - The Windy City

My first time back in the "Windy City" in 10 years was like a huge roller coaster with ups and downs...mostly ups though!

I'm actually still in Chicago, writing this blog in a hotel room near the airport. Had to move out of the Park Hyatt that we were staying at because our flight is at like 5am so need to be near airport.

This new hotel, Aloft, is nowhere near the gorgeousness of the Park Hyatt but it is a Starwood property and has a nice chic feel to it.

After spending a week here I have concluded that Chicago has better nightlife, hotter girls, better food and cleaner streets then Philly but for some reason I still love Philly more. Philly is home I guess and will always be number 1.

I started my trip off by spending 1.5 excruciating days alone at the Double Tree hotel while E.W. worked all day and all night. I was in the middle of effin nowhere so couldn't go out and explore. Instead I spent all day online. SAD. But I did get to order room service and who doesn't love room service? Chicken wings were the highlight of those 1.5 days!

Took a few pics right off the plane. I sometimes take a picture of myself to see how I look because mirrors, believe it or not, give you a distorted perception of yourself. You see what you want to see in a mirror but a picture always tells the truth. I'm not crazy, it's true.

Also ordered some bagel and lox and that shit was expensive. I might pay $18 for bagel and lox at a W Hotel or Park Hyatt but at the Double Tree? That is called...


It was really good though but mainly because I was super hungry.

On our last day at the Double Tree I ordered me some onion soup which looked so good when the waiter brought it to me. It was in a bread bowl with melted cheese all over it.

So I start eating this soup and can't wait to eat the bread part afterward. I peel all of the melty cheese of the bowl and WTF>> it was a big ol' onion not a bread bowl. Like why waste a perfectly good onion that I can't eat??

After 2 days we headed over to the Park Hyatt for 2 nights which was so nice!! We were located in the middle of everything so didn't need to take taxis much. Just walked a lot and soaked in the beautiful citiy.

I'm surprised how big Chicago is, way bigger than Philly and much newer looking. I would say Chicago is a mix between Philly and New York.

We took a stroll through Wrigley Square which was the coolest park I've ever been to. Huge fountain as you enter one corner of the park.

Saw this huge metallic bubble thing at the park. It was the coolest thing ever. You come up to it and see your reflection many different ways. Was fun to watch people photographing themselves in the big bubble or whatever it was.

E.W. and I in the bubble! That's my new sexy cam btw.

Inside of the bubble reflected on all of the people that were taking pics of it. Try find where I am standing! Where is Julie? :)

Under the bubble!

Then there was this super cool fountain that had LED images of children flashing on it. And the children would spew water out of their mouths. Kind of gross but still cool.

E.W.'s foot prints after he got done playing in the fountain. He was the only person over 10 to get in the fountain BTW. Love how he's a kid at heart :)

Saw the cutest dog IN THE WORLD. Seriously this dog was in the top 3 cutest dogs I have ever seen. She had such a mellow personality and just had that look like "I know I'm cute bitch".

After the park we headed towards the Navy Pier which is like the touristy area of Chicago. There's so much fun stuff to do there like ride the ferris wheel. I am usually never scared of rides but I got a little uncomfortable on top of that thing.

Or you can pose with a huge macaroni! If I was Kraft, I would fire their marketing person because where the fuck is their logo. How are people supposed to know it's a Kraft noodle and not some other knock off noodle?

Also is Kraft sending a subliminal sex message? "You know you love it....HUGE".

I even forced E.W. to visit a fun house with me. You know..those mazes with different obstacels in them. I have always had a love for them.

There was one dark maze that we had to get through where you didn't know if it was a mirror in front of you or open space. And just when I thought I was going to get through it I walked face first into a damn mirror as E.W. starts laughing his butt off. Thanks!!

My elongated cleavage in the fun house mirrors. And my stubby ass legs.

Didn't think I could fit into the hole but I did!

Hanging on an obstacle. They looked like slabs of meat in the dark but the photo revealed that they were fire thingies.

I really enjoyed the architecture in Chicago. They really know how to mix the old with the new. Just look at these stunning buildings. If architecture bores you and the only reason you visit my blog is to see photos of me then skip this section and scroll down to the yumminess below.

And one of the top reasons to visit Chicago is the deep dish pizza!!

I've seen deep dish pizza on tv before but it always looked disgusting like too much bread maybe? But boy was I wrong. It's more like a pie but filled with peppers and sausage and cheese. I still prefer NY style pizza but this was damn good and took us 2 days to eat a medium pizza!

Besides touring Chicago we also got experience some of the best cooking in America. Chicago is after all right behind NY in Forbes Magazine for cuisine.

We dined at Nomi, Cite, Eve, Giordano's and partied at Enclave and Cuvee. I have nothing bad to say about any of the places (except or my jacket getting stolen at Cuvee). All of the places were Fantastique!

is a restaurant inside of the Park Hyatt and is an Asian/French fusion. All I gotta say is the foie gras creme brulee is to die for.

Cite- is situated on the 70th floor of a round building giving you a 360 degree skyline view of the city. Not only are the views breathtaking but we enjoyed watching fireworks all night. We were actually watching above them!

Giordano's- has the best pizza in Chicago but be prepared or a 1-2 hour wait.

Eve- a fantastic chic place for brunch with bottomless mimosas and lobster eggs benedict. Need I say more?

I need to stop flight is in 5 hours damn it. I hate early flights. Ok back to Philly in a little bit!!

And if you are planning a trip to Chi-Town feel free to use my tips on what to see and where to go!

Night :)

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