September 09, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Recap

Have not had time to blog in a while. So thought I would recap with what has been going on in my life. First off, I feel bad when I have returning visitors to my blog and I have no new content for you, so if you look at the right panel, you will see a "My Followers" tab. Just click on "Follow" and you will be notified when I have written a new blog post!

Ok now for my weekend. It was filled with food, work, beach, more food, and cake! Yes b-day cake! Yums. It was E.W.'s B-day yesterday and I got him a gorgeous black Ferragamo calfskin wallet. And if you don't know Salvatore Ferragamo then just get off my blog right now. You are fashion illiterate and shouldn't be reading my ramblings.

Isn't it gorgeous? It was so popular last season that they decided to continue the design this season.

Back to Labor day weekend. We spent the whole weekend at our shore house in Margate. On Thursday we wanted to go to dinner but couldn't coz I had to work at 32 Degrees the next night and couldn't risk looking fat.

So we decided to get a few drinks at Tomatoes (my favorite restaurant in Margate). I told my self we wouldn't get drunk but after seeing a few friends and drinking with them, we got beyond wasted. I knew that was going to happen! Need to stop being peer pressured by E.W.!! He tells me I'm an alcoholic then proceeds to stick a Long Island in my face.

On Friday I worked at 32 Degrees. My biggest pet peeve is when people try to tip me $1's when dancing. It makes me feel like a stripper and makes me want to stick my stiletto into their eye.

Unless you are tipping me a $20, $50, or $100 bill which does happen often, do not come near me! I repeat DO NOT COME NEAR ME. Go to your local strip club and use your nasty crinkly ones there.


On Saturday, I danced at Resorts Casino at the Victor Calderone event with 3 of my dancers. The crowd wasn't huge like I expected but it was fun nonetheless. After taking a photo with Victor Calderone, he pulled me aside and started questioning me about where I'm from and told me he loves the way I dance. I knew E.W. wouldn't like it but I flirted back just a tiny bit lol.

It's impossible to get a photo of my dancers while they are getting ready!

One more time....

Ok! Finally a good shot! Only took 10 tries!

This is a video of me dancing to Victor Calderone. Not bad huh? I look pretty thin for having like 18 long islands the night before.


The next morning we had breakfast at Maynard's which is the best breakfast in Margate hands down. Only the locals know that they serve breakfast (It's actually a bar), so there is never a line and we don't have to wait for our lobster and asparagus omelets.

E.W. looking very content during breakfast. Sorry, no pics of food. Too busy eating.

Beautiful flower on the way back to the condo. I could never capture images like these with my old camera.

Walked the babies when we got back. I love this pic. Doesn't London look like a frog dog?? He's so fun to photograph because he will just stand there and pose for the cam. Gucci on the other hand always runs away.

This broken wooden fence has an interesting story to it. I was playing around with E.W. in the backyard and he tells me that he used to jump over fences all the time when he was a little kid. I bet him that he couldn't jump over the fence in the backyard. And to my surprise he starts backing up to get some running distance.

I told him that if he even tries to jump over it I would not talk to him. I didn't want him to break his neck! He doesn't listen and proceeds to jump over.

And this fence was damn tall, like 5 ft and E.W. has super long legs coz he is like 6'1''. So in mid-air the tips of his feet get caught on the fence and he breaks the fence and almost dies!

I might be exaggerating a little but it was still scary.

In my last post, I mentioned I got 3 new bikinis. Here is one of them. My boobs were really swollen so the top looks a little small, but still hot! And my Prada glasses.

A better view of the bikini, pic taken on the driveway. I love how E.W. got white paint splashed all over his car a month ago and still hasn't gone to get it removed. Who drives around in a $100,000 car with white paint splashed all over it?? We do :(

After a day at the beach we had dinner with friends at Buddakan and I am still dreaming about the edamame ravioli. They were heavenly.

On the way back to Philly we witnesses a beautiful sunset which ended our weekend perfectly. That sounds sappy but I don't care.


This weekend, I will be dancing at Recess Lounge on September 11th so come by for the 9/11 tribute event.

Also, this Wednesday I'm going to Chicago for the first time in 9 years!! I love that city and am super excited to stay at the W Hotel in another city.


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Anonymous said...

That car is not $100k, stop exaggerating

Jewelz said...

$92,000 before tax and tags :)

Anonymous said...

When it was brand new, MAYBE, def has seen some mileage.

Sassy Sites! said...

Thanks for joining our blog hop over at Sassy Sites! There are some amazing blogs out there, and you are definitely one of them! I'm a follower of yours too! Happy Friday! xoxo

Marni @ Sassy Sites!

Anonymous said...

That car is not worth a penny over 40K, especially now that it has white paint all over it. Could use some tint too. If someone paid 92K for that, they got RIPPED off bad.

Anonymous said...

That car is sick jul my bro has one.

Jewelz said...

Marni: Thanks :)

Anonymous: I prefer sporty cars like 370z (my dream car) but 750 is super nice inside! Like riding around in cream leather heaven :)

Anonymous said...

So sorry Julie, I'll never read your blog again because I have no idea who Salvatore Ferra-whats-his-face is. :-P How about you try to tell me who Stanley Milgram is (without using google) and we'll call it even?

Polina said...

By the way, the last comment was from your loving cousin, Polina. :-P I messed up

Jewelz said...

Haha Polina I actually did google him..I'm intrigued..
Although I'm surprised he's not a serial killer.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog, Jewelz. It's WAY better than that super douche loser Arthur Kade's blog.

Jewelz said...

Anonymous #1: What kind of crack are you smoking and can I have some? The 2008 BMW 750i has a base price of $76575. With luxury additions and tax it was $103,000 when we bought it brand new. By the way you write, I can tell you're a girl, a girl that has no fucking clue about cars. Go to a BMW dealership and try to buy that car brand new with 40 grand and watch the employees fall to the ground in hysterics.


Anonymous #2: Thank you very much!! And don't stay anonymous..write your name :)

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