October 06, 2010

Getting Ready For Coldness - Fall Boots

Like my new look for Amsterdam??

I am excited to announce that this is the first time I have correctly curled my hair. Apparently I have been curling it wrong all year. Stupid YouTube videos taught me wrong! Doesn't it look awesome though? And it didn't take long at all! Only 20 minutes...the wrong way took me a friggin hour.

I bought the cream knitted beret at Joyce Leslie for only 12 bucks. I got it in cream, grey and pink so I can wear them with many different outfits.

I heard it's a little chilly in Amsterdam this time of year so I went shopping for some fall boots. Oh how I love my boots!! I now have 10 normal boots and 11 dance boots. Twenty one boots total! I have resorted to storing them under couches and stuff because seriously have no room for them anymore...What can I say?

I love my boots!!!
I read online that most people in Amsterdam look nice wherever they go which means no sneaker wearing. So I bought a bunch of cute dressy and casual boots I can where while I'm there.

I bought this sexy pair at ShoeWoo at Liberty Place for $110. They look dangerous to walk in but they are the most comfy heels I own! Even the lady at the store said she can wear them during a 10 hour workday.

My favorite part about the shoe is that it's not just cheap looking leopard print fabric stretched over a shoe. It's has actual fur texture to it. It can get messed up if not take care of though.

I got this pair at Joyce Leslie for only $25! Surprisingly, they are great quality and even have a built-in high platform to elongate your legs.

And in the back... BOWS!!! Bows are so in this season but make sure you don't have conflicting bows on your outfit.

I've been wanting to get a pair of ankle boots that have a flap that covers half the boot and I finally found one that I love at Steve Madden for only $130. I first saw the look last winter at Neiman Marcus but the boots were Diane Von Furstenberg - $750 and I wasn't ready to spend that much on boots.

But these ones are just as nice and a fraction of the price!

And finally the knee-high boots, which were a present from E.W., are from Matisse and I don't know how much they cost. They have a cute button pattern on the side and the heel is low enough to tour all of Amsterdam and not have achy feet.

So did I do good???

I still have 12 more days to put all of my outfits together so need to get a move on it. Might have to bring a suitcase just for the boots!!

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Polina said...

10 + 11 = 21 Yay, my college education was useful for something! :-P Have a ton of fun in Amsterdam!

Polina said...

Ah, my bad. I only read the "twenty" in "twenty one". I must be losing my mind. Carry on.

Jewelz said...

Lol...am I finally right against the mighty Polina??

This is a cause for celebration :)

Beth said...

LOVE the boots!!

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