October 13, 2010

Fashion Week & Six Flags

I have been so busy with work, getting ready for Amsterdam and Miami that I haven't had a chance to blog recently.

I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed because I have 10 events that my dancers will be working at while I am gone and have to make sure everything runs smoothly and that all of the costumes are ready to go for my girls.

I usually try to stay in town during holidays because bookings go up and it can be hectic but I cannot miss our Halloween party in Miami. Not an option.


A couple weeks ago it was Fashion Week in Philly and out of all of the events I attended, The Armory was by far my favorite. The models were gorgeous, the space was great, and the fashion actually interested me for once. It was the complete opposite of the Rittenhouse Fall Gathering which was a HUGE disappointment.

The space was an old armory that was converted into a fashion show/vendor space. It truly felt like you were in NY. This photo was taken from the VIP section which was slightly elevated from the rest of the floor.

But the real action took place on the runway. Most of the seats were taken so we had to sit a few rows behind until I made E.W. find us a proper seat where I could see everything.

I decided to wear something that I wouldn't normally wear for the event since it was "fashion" week. I usually go for super tight mini dresses so I bought this poofy silk skirt. I wasn't too sure about it at the store but it came together quite nicely.

Cam whoring while waiting for the show to start. I'm obsessed with these new contacts I bought. Why couldn't I be born with such a beautiful eye color??? Instead I have to stick pieces of plastic into my eyes everyday to achieve this look. Blah.

The models were so sexy and professional at this event. Not like the Rittenhouse Fall Gathering where the models were shorter than me and one of them was actually chewing gum on the runway!!!!!

I could totally rock that pink dress in Miami.

The after show entertainment was stunning. The guys had amazing bodies and talent but I couldn't help thinking that I would've looked soooo much hotter with my aerial silks. Who was the entertainment director for this thing??? Haven't they seen me do my aerials damn it lol. I'm thinking about purchasing one of these aerial cubes for Jewelz Entertainment Miami but they are like $800 so need to save up a bit.


A few days later we hit up Six Flags for some Fright Fest action. This is absolutely the best time of year to go to Six Flags coz they decorate the whole park in spooky decor with tons of spooky attractions.

The bloody fountain has been a favorite ever since I was a kid!

That was my first time wearing jeans all year since the whole leggings fad kicked in and I must say...jeans are very fucking uncomfortable. I got a wedgie like every 5 seconds. Thank god leggings are in right now because I love them to death. I just have to figure out what to do with my 20+ pairs of jeans.

The whole parked was like a spooky wonderland!

With spooky and creepy characters performing at every corner.

Nothing sexier than a flexible man. They make me drool.

There was even a big concert in front of the ferris wheel with creepy dead characters dancing and singing with fire shooting out all over the place.

My favorite ride was the Houdini Mansion.

You walk into this spooky mansion and sit in this big room with a bunch of people. It doesn't look like a ride just a regular room that your sitting in. But then you start moving back and forth. And the next thing you know your on the fucking roof upside down!!! and the people that were sitting across from you are on the floor. You start getting terribly disoriented and the next thing you know the people across from you are on the roof and you are on the wall sitting sideways. It's fucking crazy and the best illusion I have ever experienced.

I even got to climb a wall. I got all the way to the top and got a pink balloon! You would think they would give me a better prize since I just climbed a damn wall and got all sweaty and stuff. I mean you get like a 6 ft tall toy if you throw a ball into a box....

We ended up leaving around 8:30 when the park closed. It was bitter sweet knowing that we won't be going back anytime soon after the move.

So anyway, have to get back to sewing and gluing our Halloween costumes. They are going to be the best ones at Vizcaya in Miami!

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Samuel J. Lassoff said...

Julie, I am such a huge Six Flags Great Adventure enthusiast; I have gone there with my friends and family so many times for my birthdays since I was eight years old; Fright Fest is a lot of Halloween fun... way before that; I remember when... there was a haunted house (which burned down) and also remember all the tales of where people died on rides throughout the park (for example a girl died on Lightning Loops and another girl got her hair and scalp clear ripped off by Freefall); the Scream Machine is now like surviving a car accident; but the week it was built I swear it was smoother than Nitro.

Jewelz said...

omg I know..Scream Machine was my first roller coaster ever..it used to be amazing..now I need to go to a chiropractor every time I go onto it. Also Kingda Ka is already horrible compared to when it opened last year. So bumpy and uncomfortable.