February 16, 2010

I Kissed Tiger Woods in Hollywood

I have never experienced so many different environments in such short a time as I did last week. I went from the dry, barren deserts of Arizona to the warm tropical air of California to the snow blizzard in Pennsylvania all in seven days. EW ended up spending $5,000 on our week long trip, but it was well worth it!

As much as I hate shelling out $22 for every cocktail, I would have to say that Hollywood was my favorite place to visit. I didn’t get to see any celebrities though...damn it! What is up with that? You would think they would be standing on every corner.

Here are a few things I learned on my LA/Scottsdale trip:

-Tiger Woods is hot so I decided to be his next mistress.
-You can look sexy while climbing a mountain...ok maybe I was posing a little bit.

-Cheese steaks at Philadelphia Sandwich Company are better than Pat’s and Geno’s

-Film crews have access to places you do not! So special they are.

-The W Hotel has crystal encrusted peep holes! This idea will be incorporated into my dream house.

-Dying in a scene from “Psycho” can be done in style...with Dior sunglasses on.

-EW thinks I am a pain in the ass while mountain climbing. Well I think he shouldn't be running down the stairs with a camera in his hands :) Safety first!

-The W Hotel in Scottsdale has Hugh Hefner-esque rotating beds to lounge on. I do not know why I was enamored with them, but I was, and spent quite some time on them.


Febnine said...

Is that really him?

Jewelz said...

Yes he's real....real fake!!!

shower enclosures said...

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Jim Lannigan said...

Eww, why would ya do something like that