March 01, 2010

My Response To Your Arrogance

I received a very rude and obnoxious
super long lettercomment from one of my blog readers a while back and I have finally decided to acknowledge it. Not only is it the most hypocritical comment I have ever read, whoever this person is didn’t even have the balls to admit who they were.

So, here is the letter along with my response which follows each paragraph in bold letters.

Hi Julie,
(Hi Dear)

I just read some of your blog entries. While interesting & some statements being true, you’re also a false gatherer of information as far as your facts. You are a prime example of your own thoughts. However, I don’t expect less or more from you regarding the lifestyle you live, your company, your adventures, endeavors, etc. You’re beautiful, talented, skillful & independent financially at most from what I’ve seen, heard & witnessed of you myself.
(I’m glad you read my blogs..keep on reading! And thank you for the compliments, even though you totally diss me in the rest of your letter.)

You are one of the biggest “Attention Whores” I socially know of. You’re extremely “High Maintenance” for a young woman your age. You couldn’t afford your lifestyle if it weren’t for the people who have noticed, hired you & your dancers for whatever social need within the nightlife/restaurant/media/entertainment industries. You crave the same attention as those “Drunk Girls”. You need men & women to recognize the purpose you’re hired for when go-go dancing, making Green-Legion girl appearances for example & all the cool things you experience through your own sweat & blood.
(Am I high maintenance? Yes I am. Do I love attention? Of course! Have I done a Green Legion appearance? I might have done one or two. Well, let me ask you something.. are you my fucking stalker? Because you sure as hell sound like one. And my “lifestyle” is none of your business thank you very much)

Seriously though, get real girl. Who are you to point fingers, criticize, evaluate, brand, shun those who you yourself are the same within those social factors. You’re no better or worse than those drunk girls or maybe you are. I’ve seen you drunk & throwing up, I’ve seen you around Ed, who by the way is a waste of your time & you could probably do much better. You definitely not the most beautiful girl I’ve seen but you’re one of them, like myself. Stop the bullshit please girl, you are so fake in more ways then one but too blurred to see it because of your social status or whatever that is you call it in your head.
(First off, where have you seen me throwing up because I’m a lady and only throw up within the confines of my own toilet. But it’s already a known fact that you stalk me so I will remember to search for peepholes in my bathroom wall later on today. Second, EW is not a waste of my time. He is one of a kind and sometimes I think I don’t deserve him. And finally, I never ever said I was the most beautiful girl. I’m actually super self conscious so thanks for adding to my complex!! Geez.)

Facebook, 1,500 friends, airbrushed pictures, dancing in clubs, being in calendars, I could go on but you’re not worth more than the effort I’m giving to even piss you off. Whether you respond or not. Please do, at least I know some of the things expressed even if not true hit home. All these social websites do Julie is give people like you & me a place to indirectly communicate with other people who we see everyday, almost everyday or not a all. It’s a sad social dysfunction that sadly gives functional purposes of self validation from others, a popuraity contest of whose who in front of a camera that captures the moment at hand. Technology has really propelled modern life, even yours sadly but successful. I can’t imagine but I can start to realize who you wouldn’t be without the need to make yourself known to others If it weren’t for the internet.
(If I’m not worth the effort then why are you writing me an 8 paragraph letter? And your perception of social networks is so narrow minded that it makes me want to vomit. Social networks are our present and most definitely our future. While most people use it to stay in contact with people, I go a step further and make my social networking experience very profitable. Go me!)

Your a little piece of the puzzle to what really matters socially & within the industries you flourish. God knows you’re not Kim Kardashian by a long shot. You can definitely make millions though, it’d the only way to live your lifestyle to it’s fullest. Your insecurities are masked & presented almost flawlessly through your need to stand out & be the pretty girl or at most one of them, when really your like me, your friends & a million women all over the world who have entertainment companies. You’ve slept with managers, owners, so called socialites who can never make you “The One” cause your a dime dozen within their worlds. Trust me I know, I’m married to a millionaire but at least I got a ring on my finger to prove that I’m first priority if not the only woman. My conquest in love is the beginning to my end.
(Woah woah..please don’t compare me to anyone physically because everyone is beautiful in their own way. Even you, which I hope you aren’t because your attitude in life SUCKS BALLS. And I have never slept with any managers, owners, or so called socialites...but I have kissed a few. Sorry, I don’t kiss and tell! And I love how you base your self worth on the ring on your finger. That has got to be the best thing you wrote because it shows to me what you deem important. And honey, I will never need a man to make me feel important.)

You have all the right things to say about others but what about you Julie? Try being a real blogger, write, inform & share your flaws with women like yourself, young girls who look up to you or may want/need to. Don’t put on this I have glitter in my veins bullshit when you & I both know your self- proclaimed notarized gifts are streamed to a bigger world within your jobs/careers. Dance harder than that literally. Lightenen up it’s almost never over. LOL, I ain’t hating just calling it like I see it. Isn’t that what you do? So really whose the fake, drunk, needy, obsessed, insecure in some ways that’s why you tend to yourself the way you do but how much can you drench yourself in Julie? Your ambitious but naive to how & what women want. As far as men well, your cute dogs instill all you want in a man but need in yourself in order to know that you may never meet that formula of a man who does od doesn’t exist for you.
(I’m curious as to what you think a “real blogger” is. I plop my butt down in front of the TV and type on my laptop. I think that qualifies me enough to be a blogger. Even though I hate that word, I don’t know why so don’t ask. And why would I want to broadcast my flaws to the world? I personally don’t think people want to know about that single hair that grows on my chest once a month…ok stalker?)

Don’t hate me for my thoughts, just don’t accept what you don’t like or agree with. Start showing who you really are inside. What else besides makeup faced, over rated expensive clothes, dancing on podiums, posing for perfection imperfect, straightened hair, IPhones, little trips taken with your girls or your boo, pictures, websites, free entrances in clubs, VIP areas in clubs, etc. What importance are you really to the rest of the world & what truly matters. Yes your family & friends think highly of you. Your friends talk more shit about you then you’ll ever witness or read about. You status will grow in time to 3,000 Facebook friends but you can have more If you work harder. Live the dream girl! It’s what you preach right?!!!
(I don’t hate you. In fact, I love you for entertaining me for all of 20 minutes! Oh and PS. Why the hell did you write this letter to me at 4am in the morning??? Shouldn’t you be sexing your millionaire husband or something? And one more thing, please reveal your name. I’de like to sit down and have some coffee with you. I love people who have true opinions and aren’t afraid to speak their mind. Go you!)

And for some exciting news! EW and I are going to NY tomorrow for my birthday to see my favorite show EVER! Phantom of The Opera!!! We even dressed up as Phantom of the Opera for Halloween one year.


Alexander Emmert said...

A very obvious case of Borderline Personality Disorder!

Malini Agarwal said...

Julie- You couldn't have answered that letter any better.

Dan Kinsella said...

I know it's hard to hold back Julie, but it's always a waste of time to argue with drunk or crazy people and I would say this person is the lattter

Mallory Greene said...

Malini I agree.... I find it funny that the girl who wrote that is probably one of your friends on here for the sole purpose of watching your every move... well jealousy is a form of flattery ;) bahahha

John Carson said...

Just ignore it and consider it a bad case of envy....The more popular you become the more people want to put you down...

Kittendngd GoGo said...

She obviously has so much time & envy for you.. You hold your head up so high! Go you! Those are the ppl who make you stronger & appreciate everything more. :) Your gorgeous & precious!
P.S. Sooo jealous your going to Phantom! My favorite! I didn't even know they still had it around.. ! Have fun!

George Sokorai said...

Julie, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in you. NEVER under any circumstances acknowledge a post, email, letter (etc) like the one mentioned. It only gives the creep more fuel to post again. A true stalker is a scary thing. He's like one of my cats. They sit by the dinner table every night looking for a treat. I don't even look at them to say "NO"! Eventually they give up. Start ignoring.

Phil D'Amore said...

Ok lets be honest... Philly = 2 things... Drama + Haters. Don't get into the biz if you arent ready to deal with them. Not sayin U but just a general statement.

PhillyChitChat said...

I don't understand why people are so concerned about tearing other people down. If they think they can do it better, then start your own blog, or career path. Make the world a better place, but please let's not tear each other down because we disagree with them. We all have our own paths to follow. I admire Julie, and her business. It's not my cup of Tea and sometimes I am embarrassed, but it's bold enough & interesting that it deserves to be promoted. I think it's courageous that she would even print this letter, flaws and all. Kudos to you Julie for blazing a path, it's never easy creating a niche.

Meg said...

She needs to take some of her "millionaire" husband's money and go to back to elementary school! Ugh her grammar/puncuation is horrrrible. Sheesh.

Steve said...

Just ignore it and consider it a bad case of envy....The more popular you become the more people want to put you down...

Julie Abramson said...

Thanks you guys, I feel much better now :) I know I shouldn't have wasted my time by replying to her letter, but honestly, I couldn't resist!

Jenny pooh said...

What you said in response to the stalker's letter was fucking hilarious!! Go you! Seriously, go fucking you! As your cousin, and friend I am extremely proud of all the accomplishments you've made and am so jealous on the fact that you found a man like EW. It's not a waste of time to respond to those type of letters.I am currently confined to my bed b/c of the surgery so that letter and your response entertained me.

I love you! You are awesome! PS I'm coming to PA in 2 weeks :)

Sal said...

...did ya notice she said the ring on her finger proved she was her hubby's priority if not the only woman in his life? Explains why she's hating on pretty girls and up alone bitching to you at 4am while her husband is out probably banging some other girl prettier than she is or at least not as much of a nagging bitch! Life must not be as good as she proclaims and she has to tear you down to make herself feel better about herself! Too funny!