February 02, 2010

Sunshine, Ocean and Mojitos

So, I just returned from another magnificent mini vacation from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I returned to below freezing temperatures in Philadelphia and I am not too happy about it. Thankfully, I am headed to Scottsdale on Thursday and then off to LA for 5 days. It won’t be warm enough to get a tan at either of those places, but 70 degrees is much better than the 20 degrees I am currently experiencing!
Anyway, back to the trip, it was one of my favorite PR trips of all time because EW only had to work one day and we got to spend a lot of time together. And I got oh so close to crossing one of the things off of my life list (hang gliding), but the sucky weather prevented us from jumping off the cliff. At least I got to stand on the cliff! Even though I almost peed my pants.

So here are some of memorable moments from my trip to sunshine heaven.

-Getting an insanely good shot of me jumping on the beach. I was drunk when it was taken and everyone was staring at me like I was a little bit crazy in the head. But the shot was worth it!

-Dinner at Delirio, a beautiful restaurant located in a huge, red mansion. Mmmm, the seared tuna, scallops, lime risotto, mashed yucca, cod ceviche, beef fajita salad, chocolate truffle goodness of it all.

-Stopping in the middle of the jungle to eat some real Puerto Rican food cooked in some locals’ front yard.

-EW getting so drunk the on first day that he started doing cartwheels in the water. (If you look closely you can see his iphone slipping out of his pocket and falling into the sand)

-Partying at Brava, the hottest nightclub in PR located conveniently inside our hotel. This club made me decide that Puerto Rican woman are unfairly beautiful, and I want one for Christmas!

-Fried cheese cube man named Eduardo. (I am the best at making food people, kind of like a special talent).

-Mallorcas at the famous La Bombonera. They are the most fattening pieces of doughy heaven imaginable.

-A cougar telling me how gorgeous she thinks I am even though she’s not a lesbian. Her cougar friends agreeing with her.

-Driving 30 minutes up a mountain to hang glide, and having to turn around and leave because our take-off spot was inside of a rain cloud.

-Getting soaking wet while standing in a rain cloud talking to some cool ass people.

-Stunning jungle views on top of a jungle mountain with a bunch of jungle people around us.

A few random photos for your viewing pleasure:

A short video of my wonderful weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico:

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