January 09, 2012

Attempt To Mount A Mechanical Bull - FAIL

I had a total FAIL this weekend while trying to pose for a photo on a mechanical bull with my friend. Note, this mechanical bull was completely stationary and not moving at all. All I wanted was one innocent little picture and it turned out to be a WAY harder than it looked. In my defense, the bull was abnormally high  because the bag was deflated and no normal human being's legs can swing up that high unless you are a freakishly tall super model or something.

So here it is people...this is what it takes to get a picture perfect photo...

"Ok who is going first? How about I go on first and pull you up OK? This should be fun! Weee!"

"Jul, I need you to pull my leg up. This isn't working. I'm too short! You pull and I'll jump!"


 "What happened? Are we still alive?? Ow, I really wish this thing was inflated"

 "Ok we have to try again!! We are troopers! This time hold on really tight while I climb up."

"Whewww, we made it!"


"Now pose! Hah...everyone on Facebook will think we flawlessly posed for this magnificent picture!"

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