June 07, 2010

Freaky Nighttime Terrors

A few years ago, something so freaky happened to me that it just needs to be told. I was sleeping in bed with my mom coz I had just gotten my nose done and needed round the clock care. I remember feeling a lightning bolt sensation shoot through my body and then all of a sudden I was awake.

Well, it was weird actually. My eyes opened, but I couldn't feel or move my body. I could see the ceiling above me but couldn't say anything. It was as if my mind was awake but my body was still in dream mode.

At this point I was freaking out thinking that I am being abducted by aliens or something when all of a sudden I felt a heavy sensation pressing down on my chest like someone was holding me down.

And then, the flashes!!! Camera flashes!!! Coming from the ceiling were hundreds of camera flashes with their clicking noises. I screamed as loud as I could but my mouth would not move so all that came out was a strained gurgle.

So many things ran through my mind...is this an alien abduction...will they take me and perform weird science crap on me...will my mom miss me...will they ruin my new nose...will it hurt....this is so not fair...why me?

Then with a huge jolt, my body came back to life. I sat up in bed and looked at my mom who was staring at me like she had just witnessed a murder.

Mom: What the hell was that? Why were you staring at the ceiling and making weird noises? Are the pain killers making you hallucinate?

Me: The flashes! Did you not see the flashes? They held me down and took pictures...(slowly realize I sound insane)...ok um nevermind, it must have been a dream.

FYI, This was not a dream!

I was fully awake, my eyes were wide open, and I could move my eyeballs and look around the room even.

For a long time I blamed the Oxycontin I was taking for my nose job until a few years later it happened again!

I was sleeping alone in my apartement when all of a sudden it happened. My eyes open and my body locks up. I see a green gremlin face in front of me and I can hear its screams inside my head. The screams are so loud and I feel like something horrible is about to happen.

This time around I was smart though. I knew that if I willed myself to wake up, that I would. I tried my hardest to move my arms and after a few seconds, with a big jolt, I was fully awake.

Ok I know I sound totally insane right now! But I am not!!! I finally did some research and there is a condition that causes all of this craziness.

It's called Sleep Paralysis

Sometimes, the mind disconnects too early or too late from the body, leaving you unable to move voluntarily. This temporary condition is called sleep paralysis, and it usually subsides after a minute or two.

Sleep paralysis is harmless, it can be terrifying, especially if you don't know what's happening to you. Someone experiencing an episode may have hallucinations, or have the feeling that someone is in the room or sitting on his/her chest.

I knew I wasn't completely off my rocker!

I almost feel special that I have this cool freaky disorder thing.

BTW, there are people who become paralyzed for hours at a time! Fuck me...

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Brian Walters said...

ur funny as shit... i think this the 1st time ive ever been to your blog.. yeah its been too long, I'll b there Fri

Vincent Chiro said...

That shit happned to me but I was falling oFf a roller coater or sum shyt

Jason LeBoon said...

I have had this happen to me plenty of times and it is extremely uncomfortable, you know your not dreaming then you start fearing that you have waken up paralyzed...not cool

Justine-notha Tran said...

Hey Julie! I peeked at your other posts (particularly the one with the letter). While I do not personally know you, I think you're beautiful outside (obviously) but I also believe that you are beautiful inside and WHO CARES what anyone else thinks about your and your lifestyle?! As long as you stick to your own values/morals and don't hurt anyone, ENJOY IT, right?!

Justine-notha Tran said...

Based on my experience with you, you are a very business-oriented, highly motivated individual. A woman who sets standards and expectations for herself. P.S. I also peeked at your videos of dancing in the air. You are exceptionally talented. Whatever it is, if it's what you enjoy, JUST GO FOR IT! Don't let others hold you down. Nobody is perfect (and you know that already). It's not about "perfection" as perfection" does not exist. It's about complimentary & finding balance/value in life.

MaviDeniz said...

wow that sounds horrible! i've had my nose done about 4 years ago and the painkillers they put me on made me hallucinate so i stopped taking them. I've also had situations before where i was totally awake but i couldn't move. I wanted to scream but couldn't get the words out... so scary!