September 18, 2013

1 Year Wedding Anniversary Trip To Hawaii (Part 1)

I've restructured my blog a bit since I've decided it is more about traveling than anything else. At first I wanted it to be more general but as the years go by I can't deny my growing love for traveling and experiencing what the world has to offer. I feel like there is so much to see and not enough life to see it with. Oh well, let's hope we have a second life so that I can continue this wonderful journey.

I've had the words jet-setter and world traveler thrown at my husband and I many times. But I just like to consider myself as curious. I'm curious about things I've never seen. I feel like they don't really exist until I have seen them. Therefore I must see them!!

So instead of having general sections on my blog you can now go to the new navigation bar at the top of the page and click on "My Travels" to see blog posts on where I have been in the world.

My husband wanted to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon but I hate to be cliche and said absolutely not. I'm not a beach person and wasn't too keen on spending my entire honeymoon lazing about on a beach chair with an umbrella in my drink. But when he brought the idea up again for our 1 year wedding anniversary I thought why the hell not?

We decided to visit Honolulu and the oldest and most beautiful island of Kauai.

We arrived at the Sheraton Waikiki in Honolulu after an excruciatingly long day of traveling. I detest connecting flights and there are no direct flights from Philly to Hawaii. The weather was beyond perfect. My first thought was what the hell did I have against Hawaii for so long? This place was heavenly.

My second thought was what is with all of the Asian people?? I later learned that all of the wealthy Japanese fly to Hawaii (because they are so close) where everything is so cheap for them due to the exchange rate. They go crazy shopping for designer and luxury items because back home they cost way too much. Anyway, I didn't mind the swarms, they were all pleasant in my opinion.

We were greeted in our beautiful suite with an anniversary gift of local fruit, champagne, a small cake and a card from the manager. It's nice being a Starwood Platinum member! They sure take care of us!

Even nicer was the view from our room. Blue and green everywhere. Just like it should be. And with the famous Diamond Head in the background. According to my husband it was made famous by some TV show so I'll take his word for that.

Now I know Hawaii is best known for it's surfing but look at how many surfers are out there! And look how far out they are from shore! I bet they didn't get the memo that there are man eating sharks lurking in those waters. The only way you would get me out that far is by force. Also to be perfectly honest, surfing looks like such a dreadfully boring sport. You're sitting in the hot sun all day for that "perfect wave" that never comes. Then you go back to shore and eat fish tacos then go out and sit some more. Well the fish taco part sounds good but everything else not so much. I would put surfing in the same category as croquet and golf.

MMMMmmmm fish tacos. Nature's candy. If I had to live off of one food for the rest of my life it would be fish tacos. You got your protien, your veggies and carbs all in one meal. Plus super healthy and good for you.

We did a lot of the usual stuff that people do in Hawaii. Tanned, relaxed, got drunk, got wet, squeezed my husband's head with a giant hair clip. You know, the usual.

The one day while we were standing on our balcony on the 20th floor, Eddie pointed out into the ocean and yelled "Omg look at those giant jellyfish in the water!"

"Ummmmmm unless those are 4ft wide jellyfish, I don't think that's what they are hunny."

I kept looking and all of a sudden a little tiny head poked out. They were giant sea turtles!!! Swimming right off of our hotel's shore. We devised a plan in which Eddie would go into the water while I stayed up on our balcony and pointed him to where the turtles were so that he could go and snorkle with him. sounded much easier than it was.

Eddie spent the next half our following my directions but missing the turtles by merely inches every time. The poor guy was swimming in circles.

 I was nearly ready to give up when he found one! Proud of my work, I went back into the room and let him enjoy the graceful monsters.

The next day we decided to hike Diamond Head since "hike a volcano" is on my life list. To my disappointment we learned that Diamond Head is in fact not a volcano but a volcano tuff cone whatever the hell that means?

Honestly, I dont care. As far as I know I have climbed a volcano!

And I have done an arabesque on a volcano!

The peak of Diamond Head had such glorious views I just had to take a panoramic.

Eddie, being the rule hater that he is, kept trying to force me to go passed the sign that so obviously states that you will DIE if you dare go passed it. He also pointed out that it was obviously safe since there were two retards who had no concern for their safety who went passed the sign. Thankfully he came to his senses a few minutes later and I was able to take my husband back to the hotel alive.

We had so much fun in Honolulu but we both knew the real treat was waiting for us at the St. Regis in Kauai which was our next stop. Blog part 2 coming soon....

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