March 19, 2013

Universal Studios Quickie Trip

I swear I didn't take a bunch of trips all at one time. I've just been neglecting my blog for too long and have so many trips and photos to post and write about.

Ever since my husband joined his new company, his new business offices are located in Providence, Orlando and some other city that I forget. So he has been traveling back in forth to these three cities several times a month. So whenever I get really sick of Philly's freezing cold, depressing weather, I join Eddie on his trips to Orlando. That's why you'll be seeing a lot of Disney World/Universal Studio posts in the future. I mean cmon, who goes to Orlando and doesn't go to the theme parks??

We luckily caught great whether during the trip. It was around 80 degrees the whole week and dropped back down to high 60s when we left. Perfecto!

We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel which is located inside Universal which meant we were able to get inside the park one hour earlier than the general public. One hour may not seem like a lot but you have no idea how awesome it is to be able to go to Harry Potter world and have it be completely empty!! If you gave me the choice of being rich and famous or becoming a real wizard in the wizarding world I would pick being a wizard any day!! *Sigh* If only.

Exactly one hour after I took this photo, the park was completely packed.

My second favorite part of the park is Dr. Seuss Land. Not only does Dr. Seuss share my birthday, all of Seuss Land was built without one single straight line. Can you imagine the architectural nightmare it must have been?

"Ye um, I want you to build an enormous park with lots of rides and restaurants and stuff and oh ye, if I see one single straight line in the entire park...YOU ARE FIRED!"


Many rides at Universal are 4D experiences. For those who have no clue what 4D is, it's basically watching a 3D movie but you chair is moving, shit is poking you in the back, if there is water spilling in the movie there is water being sprayed in your face in real life. There was even one movie where the character burped and we got surrounded by a cloud of nacho smelling air. *Barf*

No joke, this minion for "Despicable Me" was a little pervert. After taking a photo together, it looked directly at my boobs and started making creepy purring and whistling noises. All I could think of was who the hell was in there? I mean look at how tall they are!! Five feet tops! That means I just got sexually assaulted by a preteen boy or an almost midget.

Another favorite area of mine are the replica streets of New York. Universal replicated many "old" New York streets and it's always fun to walk and imagine you are in New York back in the days of flappers and gangsters.

How cool is this climbing wall!? Looks like a real NY building. I would have climbed it but those kids sucked at climbing and probably would've taken another 15 minutes to get to the top.

My handsome man in front of Poseidon's Adventure.

Messing around in some weird above ground, netting maze. It was so hot and sweaty but I'm such a kid I just had to run around for a bit.

At night time, we took a ferry from our hotel to Universal City Walk because there's pretty much nothing else to do in Orlando at night except for maybe Pleasure Island but I have bad memories from that place. It was pretty empty so we didn't go to any of the nightclubs. I don't feel comfortable going to nightclubs with under dressed people anyway. If there is no dress code, I tend to stay away. FAR AWAY.

And I must end this post with this magnificent bowl of nachos. Arguably the best nachos on the planet. I love you Margaritaville!!

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