January 02, 2013

My Creepo Facebook Messages - Part 2

Hey everyone! So my last "Creepo Facebook Messages" post was such a huge hit that I decided to entertain you with even more creepos! Luckily I get a never ending stream of these weirdo messages so I will never run out of material. And as someone suggested, maybe I'll even print a book with all of them haha.

If anyone has gotten perverted messages in their own inbox, feel free to email a screenshot to me at Jewelzblog@gmail.com. Would love to see some that are not targeted towards me for once :)

Here ya go...

My Creepo Facebook Messages - Part 2

-I have never scammed anyone out of their hard earned money as of yet... So no, I believe I am not Nigerian at the moment. PS...Seriously though, do I even look half Nigerian to you??

-First off, I'm proud to be a man lover and take offense to being called a "lesbo". Second, the thought of you looking at my photos and getting "hot" down there is enough to make me want to delete my FB account....forever.

-Well, here in America we don't discriminate against blue eyed people. You would really love this country.

-Not only do I get asked to help guys find dates, now I have to find their family members too?? Shouldn't I be getting paid for this? Jewelz Dating & Tracking Family Member Services. My new business venture.

 -Well I'm definitely prettier than Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. They are all pasty looking. But Princess Jasmine...I don't know. She's pretty damn hot so that's a tough call.

-Way to win me over with your AMAZING personality. 

-Dear Barrister Antoine, I'm not embarrassed at all. In fact, It's completely understandable that I have a secret, millionaire family in a third world country in Africa since I am of Ukranian descent and all. Also can you please tell my secret, millionaire family that I am extremely upset with them. All this time I could have been driving around in a hot pink Ferrari instead of a BMW. Not cool, not cool. And I am so glad that you realized that I was the late Mr. A Abramson's descendant as opposed to the other 2.5 million Abramsons in the world. I'll be contacting you shortly!

-You can tack to me whan pigs flay.

-The only thing you would get from wining and dining me would be a very very fat Julie. I suggest against it.

That's it for now folks! lol...I'll have more when more comes :)

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