March 14, 2012

Sorry Blog....Wedding Comes First

My poor blog had been so deprived lately. I keep going on it expecting a new post to have magically appeared only to remember that I'm the one that writes them. Damn.

The real reason for my lack of posts is because I am getting married in three weeks! Thus, making this the last post I will ever write as an unmarried woman. This wedding is really sucking up all my time and energy and at the end of the day, I'm just too tired to create fully formed sentences to put up on my blog.

Not only that, but my two business have been doing surprisingly well this year so a lot of my energy has been targeted towards that as well. And to top it all fiance has a new job that is located over 200 miles from our home so I have to watch him leave me every few days which is just so stressful and exhausting. Thank god he is doing his part in the wedding cuz god knows I couldn't do it alone.

One thing that's for sure is that I will never stop writing in my blog. I get so much enjoyment rereading my old posts and revisiting memories. I've been reading a lot of my past posts recently and DAMN I traveled a lot in the past 4 years!!! I have been on a traveling hiatus for the past 6 months except for the occasional trip to another US city. After the wedding, things should go back to normal though.

For our honeymoon we have a mini trip planned to Puerto Rico and the island of Vieques and a month later, for the REAL honeymoon, we will be headed to Dusseldorf, Germany for a week, to the Greek Islands (Mykonos, Santorini, Crete) for a little over a week, and then to Paris for a few days. Can you say dream honeymoon????? I always knew I wasn't the Hawaii honeymoon type of girl. I need adventure, culture and extravagance for my honeymoon. Not just a beach with an umbrella drink. Nope, that doesn't cut it for me. And Eddie is giving me the most perfect honeymoon I could ever begin to wish for.

Here are some pics that I was planning to turn into blogs this past month but never got to a chance to because of reasons stated above....

I went to the Hair O'the Dog event that I had previously written about here. It had to be the most well dressed crowd I have EVER seen in Philadelphia. By far! It was so much fun mainly because the creators of the event made sure every little detail was perfect. And any event that lets me wear a gown is AWESOMEEE.

I think Eddie and I were definitely the best dressed couple...but eh...that's my own biased opinion :D And it's all because of Eddie's weirdly homosexual-esque taste. Believe it or not, he bought my dress on his own and even bought my matching Adriana Orsini bangel and earrings as well. He's my personal stylist!

Eddie and I in Providence, Rhode Island for the first time together where his new job is located. The train ride is a 5 hour hell ride but it's worth it to be with my baby.

Messing around in the bathroom before we go out to dinner with Eddie's new boss in Providence. Believe it or not, RI has some excellent food. It can almost compete with Philly!!

Eddie made me my fav bagel and lox for my 25th birthday breakfast. Yep that's right, I'm freakin old man! This is the first year people starting calling me old and people kept referring to my age as a quarter of a century instead of 25. I refuse to celebrate my bday from now on. It's just getting too depressing. I miss the innocence of my early 20s :( The bagels were good though!

Later had some dinner at a Moroccan place with some really good friends. They bring out these huge platters that everyone has to share and they don't bring utensils so you just grab it with your fingers. I think just about everyone ended up giving up and asking for a plastic fork. You try eating couscous with your fingers!! It's like trying to pick up sand with chopsticks!!

Later went to a birthday dinner for a friend of mine. I love how all her friends are beautiful! Sadly, I couldn't stay long because I had a nightclub grand opening to get to.

The grand opening of Lit UltraBar with Jonathan Peters went fantastic and I got to try out my new LED corsets for the first time which I must say, looked fantastic.*pat on back*. The Jewelz Dancers always bring it up one level!!! Check out the video below....


I did my very first wedding show for Strolling Tables which was a huge success. The brides were all over our tables and we can't wait to do another show.

We did a Casino Themed Strolling Table at a country club event in Phoenixeville. The desserts that they served were freakin insane!!! I must have eaten 15 of them. I'm such a fatty.

My cousin attempted to teach me how to make cake pops for my wedding favors. They came out so delicious but I'm afraid of what they will taste like when I attempt to make them myself.

Wow... See how much I have missed putting up on my blog??? That's only like 10% of what happened this month because the last few weeks have been so hectic. It's crunch time baby and I am soooo ready for this wedding.

I'll post again after the wedding!!

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