May 20, 2011

Call Me Scarface

It's been two weeks since I've written anything on here! So after many complaints from blog readers, I will explain why I have been neglecting my blog lately.

As you all know, most of my blog posts consist of random, sometimes self-absorbed, photos of myself. Well, my face has not exactly been picture worthy recently and I will show you why.

Friday morning I woke up with this horrid thing on my face not knowing where it came from.

I think this was a result of me being drunk and having scissors in my hands simultaneously. Not sure though. It will forever remain a mystery.

And to make it worse, E.W was in Paris so I had no shoulder to cry on. I just ate a pint of chocolate brownie Ben & Jerry's ice cream and cried into the ice cream bucket afterwards.

First my chin, now my cheek. Why me! Whyyy!

And to make it worse, I'm moving to Florida in 1.5 weeks and now I can't expose my face to the sun for 4-5 months so that my scar won't turn funny purple colors. Wonderful...I will now have to become one of those weird, floppy hat ladies on the beach.

If you've never noticed, older woman always wear big floppy hats at the pool or on the beach. It's because they are more aware of the sun's damaging effects to the skin than the younger generation. I always knew I'd be a floppy hat lady in my 30s but never thought in my mid 20s :(

I have been staying out of the sun and putting Neosporin on the wound like it's my job so fortunartely it has been fading pretty well.

E.W. was a gentleman like always. As soon as he got back from Paris he bought me Mederma and some weird silicone sheets that I have to leave on for 8 hours a day if the wound ends up scarring me. FML

I always hated the stupid Mederma commercial with the creepy girl and her scar. And now I'm that creepy girl with a scar damn it!!

He even got me some microdermabrasion treatments in case the scar becomes elevated off the skin! thinks E.W. doesn't want to marry an ugly girl with ugly scar on her face.

Here is the progression of the wound healing in the first 4 days. Sorry, no makeup in pics because can't wear makeup till it heals and puffy eyes because was crying into a Ben & Jerry's bucket.

Healing pretty nicely...right??

Anyway, now you all know why I've been out of commission lately. But I promise...many more interesting posts very soon!! My moving adventures and my upcoming trip to Israel (maybe)!!


James J-Squa' Pearce said...

Just say it was a knife fight...

Benjamin Kerr said...

Sorry to read about this Julie. It does look like it's healing nicely. You could never be an ugly girl.

Rick Willens said...

It's healing very nicely! If there IS a scar it will be almost invisible! The only person who will notice it, probably, is YOU!!! that is unless you bring attention to it! Think of the kids in Burn Centers and then think..."how lucky am I?" P.S., that is what makeup is for...use a nice foundation and powder and you make it go away! Good Luck

Miyan said...

sweetie im sorry about your face, but this little scar will fade. ive woken up with scratches on my face, its like i got in a fight with myself haha. and youre coming to israel??? hit me up, im here and would love to meet up for a drink!!!!!


Jewelz said...

Hey Miyan,

That would be fun to meet up! Where do you live? I'm visiting Tel Aviv for a week in the end of June and will have plenty of free time while my fiance is at work :)

Rasta Redeye said...

You might want to try Bag Balm also. I've used it on a couple of wicked cuts on my arms & legs from dog scratches. They healed nicely. You can find it at CVS, I think they keep it near the tanning lotions. Green can with flowers on it, can't miss it.

Dennis said...

I'm so sorry to read of your scar, Julie! My best friend just got a similar cut on her arm today from her cat! Scars are the worst! I'll be praying for you to have a speedy recovery! You'll be just as new in no time!

Mark Zinno Citarella said...

I had my upper lip split open through to the other side ... got no stitches, just the medical glue they now use. What I used to PREVENT a scar, was vitamin E. Go to CVS, GNC, whatever and get the pills. Pop the pill open and squeeze out the liquid and apply it directly to the cut. I have the tiniest little scar. You can barely notice. Good luck!

Mach Bhati said...

It will heal perfectly:

Irina Vlada said...

it looks soo much better now!!! :)