April 27, 2011

Updates On My Life - Just Because

1. We have finally secured our wedding venue for April 6th, 2012. We will be getting married at the brand new Tendenza in Philadelphia. The picture says it all.

2. We have also purchased my wedding gown from Stephen Yearick By Ysa Makino. It is the most beautiful dress in the world. And no, I'm not being biased. I am an avid "Say Yes To The Dress" fan and have seen about 3,000 different dresses in the past year or so. None of them can top my dress. NONE :) Unfortunately I have been banned from showing anyone the dress because according to E.W., he will not marry me if I post my dress on Facebook. Grrr. He already saw me in it!!! Isn't the groom not supposed to see it? He's got it all backwards if you ask me :(

3. Let's see what else? I spent my Easter hiding plastic Easter eggs filled with cash for little kids to find, eating tons of yummies, learning to catch a baseball with a baseball glove and coping with the abnormally hot and humid weather. I think God is testing me for the Florida heat. I am failing miserably!!

4. We rented out or Olde City condo to the very first person who viewed it! And she just happens to be the head pastry chef at Buddakkan so she treated us to a delicious dinner. I'm relieved we rented to someone who looks like they will take care of our place. I'm going to miss it so much!!!!

5. My mom brought over boxes so that we can start packing our stuff for the move. When E.W. came home and saw the boxes he got sick to his stomach. Literally. I guess the physical presence of them made everything more real.

6. E.W. will be in Florida this weekend searching for a suitable condo for the two of us. I'm crossing my fingers for a 3 bedroom place but a 2 bedroom will do I guess. My requirements are a pool, near or on the beach, 2+ bedroom, 2 bathroom, no carpet, gym, beautiful lobby, and a balcony. If my needs aren't met I refuse to move in!! Well ok, I might begrudgingly move in and make a big scene of it.

7. The kids are doing well. Still barking, peeing, pooping, puking, and shedding daily. Oh, and London has recently taken a liking to my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Look... he even gives me his paw for a bite!!

8. Our guest list has officially exceeded the limit so we will have to be doing some major cuts soon. Therefore, whoever is not nice to me this year is uninvited from the best wedding EVER!!! No, I'm joking. Actually I'm serious. Damn guest list limit :(

9. I have just finished creating a Coyote Ugly type show for West Tavern. We will be performing every Friday night from 7pm-11pm so come check us out!! (Shameless plug)

10. We have finally booked our wedding photographer, and have picked out gold bridesmaid dresses!

11. It breaks my heart that my dad isn't here to walk me down the aisle and I have already cried about it many times but my grandpa has been my "dad" my whole life and I can't wait for him to walk me down the aisle.

12. E.W. had surprise flowers delivered to me for being so busy with work and all. Sadly, they went limp the next day. The flower shop delivered a brand new batch and now the flower delivery guy is convinced that I have a stalker who is in love with me.

Ok, that's it for now. Check out my upcoming post if you want to win a free Freschetta Pizza and cutting board! Yum Yum.



MaviDeniz said...

That reception place looks AMAZING! I am dying to see your dress. I was obsessed with say yes to the dress before i got married and so finding my perfect dress was a bit of a challenge. I bet your pick looks amazing.

Your so lucky to be moving to florida! Miami is my favorite city in the whole world! :)

Anonymous said...

Stephen Yearick By Ysa Makino wedding gowns are so beautiful!