April 18, 2011

DayGlow Philadelphia - Largest Paint Party In The World

My dancers and models got booked last minute to work a pretty cool event this past weekend. I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it.

DayGlow is considered to be the largest paint party in the world and DayGlow Philadelphia did not disappoint. The event sold out rather quickly so a second sold out night was added into the mix.

Check out my view from the stage...

1. Yes, everyone and their mother is covered in neon paint.
2. Yes, the room is the size of a football field and completely filled.
3. Yes, my butt is cute.

Everyone got sprayed with paint by these giant paint guns. Everyone also wore white so that the paint was all the more visible.

It was a pretty crazy night, what can I say. I'm just happy I was on stage all night dancing to Roger Sanchez and Diplo's beats where no neon paint could reach me.

Don't get me wrong, I would totally love to be soaked in paint while being shoved back and forth by an unruly mob... when I was 18 years old. But I think I grew out of that phase.

Great ab shot of me!!

I also had a Samba girl and body painted model w/balloon bra taking pics with the crowd.

Sheldon Blake's stilt costume sans face paint. One of his many cool acts.

Someone on my Facebook said we look like sisters. I don't really see it.

My absolute favorite costume of the night was Sean's costume. I didn't really know what it was so I named it "bubble boy". Very cool... And he stayed in character the whole time.

And of course my favorite shot of the night is saved for last. I don't know why I like it so much. Maybe because I look really skinny in it! Even my arms look really skinny for once!

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We are moving to South Florida very very soon!!


MaviDeniz said...

loved the pics! i've never seen such a party before. I wouldn't definitely not want to attend but dancing up on stage would be awesome. Your outfits we're hot!

Anonymous said...

Are you moving? Such a shame for Philly because your dancers/models are awesome at events. Will you still keep your company running in Philly?

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Great Pictures


Jewelz said...

MaviDeniz: Thanks!

Anonymous: Yes I'm moving to FL but Jewelz Entertainment will never leave Philly!! I will make sure it lives on :)

Anonymous said...

Jewelz: Glad to hear that but we will miss seeing you perform at functions but excited for you for your future in FL.

Anonymous said...

Some photos of you in these galleries from Dayglow: