January 22, 2010

Toys That Make Me Feel Old

As I was shooting zombies in Resident Evil 4 on my wii console the other day, I began thinking about the toys that used to entertain me 15 years ago.

My childhood toys were so simple yet so effective. They were so good that they still keep children entertained to this day. Here are a few toys that made my childhood memorable:

Furby - Arguably the most annoying toy ever made.
Polly Pocket - I cried when I didn't get the Polly Pocket Mansion one year.
Lite Brite - Kept me occupied and hypnotized for hours on end.
Operation - The buzzer always scared the shit out of me.
Gak - It was slimy. It was gross. It was awesome!
Slinky - It was impossible to entangle once tangled.
Legos - Enough said. A classic.
Viewfinder - It was like TV in your eyes. I only had one Cinderella slide.
Hungry Hippos - The competitor in me loved smashing the hippos.
Atari - Screw Wii. I was the master of Pitfall.
Silly Putty - Silly putty plus newspaper was the coolest thing ever.
Giga Pet - I fed it, cleaned its poop, and buried it when it died.
Easy Bake Oven - Tons of gross, soup-like brownies were made with this.
Moon Shoes - I'm surprised I didn't kill myself with these things.
Barrel of Monkeys - These would show up everywhere weeks after playing with them.


Mike said...

you forgot stretch armstrong, pogs, nerf balls...

Jesse Guokas said...

There some real winners there

JD at I Do Things said...

Oh, my gosh. ALL those toys bring back such happy memories.

I actually restocked my childhood collection of Viewmaster slides from ebay. The one thing I still REALLY want to get is a Thingmaker -- remember those?

And, oh, man. How I wanted a Lite Brite. I don't know why my parents never got me one. They got me enough other junk!

Thanks for sharing!

Jewelz said...

Oh yeee.. I remember the commercials for the Creepy Crawler Thingmaker..I never did get one :(