October 24, 2011

I Went To A Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

If you have never watched the show "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding", you are truly missing out on one of the most entertaining shows TV has to offer. The series documents the lavish weddings, as well as engagements, first communions, and other milestone events, of Irish Traveller and Roma communities.

The “spectacle” includes teenage brides and grooms, elaborate dresses that can weigh in at more than 70 pounds, bouffant hairdos, spray tans, stretch limos, deep Irish accents and scantily clad female guests. And although the events are wildly outrageous, the people are deeply conservative in their beliefs. Absolutely no sex before marriage!

Well, lo and behold, the wedding that my new Strolling Tables were booked for this past weekend was a Gypsy Wedding!!!

When I caught my first glimpse of teenage girls parading down the hallways in glitzy, drag queen-esque outfits with their deep Irish accents, I almost peed my pants. I absolutely love these girls for their "I don't give a shit" personalities and their daring fashion. I was literally in the middle of a "Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" episode!!

The bride and groom booked two of my gold Marie Antoinette strolling tables which matched perfectly with the Hilton's Ballroom decor. The table models served shots of Shirley Temples for the many underage attendees.

Ok, enough about my tables. Check out the gorgeous bride and her bridesmaids! And no, that's not a bride convention. That is just the all new popular trend of having your bridesmaids look like brides, made popular by Princess Kate and Kim Kardashian. (Also, notice the flower hats. Europeans sure do love their hats).

The bride's dress was absolutely stunning and way different from the tacky, over-sized dresses they feature on the TV show. In fact, if I had to pick another dress to wear at my wedding besides the one I have already bought, this would be it. LOVE IT.

And the back is to die for!

The sexy bride getting a Shirley Temple from our table. I'm pretty sure she was underage :)

Alright, ready for some pretty cool fashion that us boring Americans wouldn't dare to wear to a wedding? Here ya go...

The girl on the very right had a pink dress I would kill for. This is a wedding you can go to and definitely not be afraid that you are upstaging the bride. The kookier the better. I personally hate dressing for weddings because everything I own would probably upstage a bride so I always end up wearing my frumpiest outfit. If I was invited to a wedding like this.... oh the possibilities...

This yellow dress was another one of my favorites. If it was in pink, I would have probably ripped it off her body and ran home with it (minus the feather headpiece).

You really know when you have hit wedding fashion jackpot when the girls' hairdos are bigger than your Marie Antoinette wigs!! HAH

All in all it was a pretty normal wedding. The one weird thing, besides the fashion of course, was that men and women could not sit at the same table during dinner. They were all separated. I guess it's a culture thing?

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Jared Tangir said...

My company All Around Entertainment was the DJ! My staff came back and said it was a crazy party!!

MaviDeniz said...

the bride's dress is so beautiful! That wedding looks like it was a lot of fun