August 12, 2011

Restoring My Childhood Toy - Clownie!

Everyone has a toy that they were connected by the hip to when they were younger. That one special toy that had a REAL living soul.

I had a few of those growing lightning bug with the human head that would light up when I squeezed it, Vova the life sized baby doll, my 200 beanie babies, but my all time favorite childhood toy was Clownie.

Clownie and I had a special bond. He was like my little sand-filled baby that was the star of every make-believe game I played.

Unfortunately after many years of being played with followed by many years of neglect, Clownie became dirty, ripped, used and abused.

For many years he sat in my old room at my mom's house and every time I came over and saw him I felt like I was neglecting my baby. It's so weird how even after you grow up, you still have a kid's mentality towards your childhood toys.

Well, I couldn't take it anymore so I took him and set on a mission to restore my beloved Clownie.

First, I let him soak in a Tide bubble bath for a few hours.

Then, I fired up my glue gun and glued his tushy together and glued two pearlescent buttons where his pom pom used to be.

After blow drying his hair and wiping his face clean, Clownie looked almost brand new! He is now perched on a shelf in my closet where I can see him everyday.

It sure feels good to restore something that makes you smile so much. :)

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Kouture Kisses said...

I collected Beanie Babies, Barbies & Happy Meal Toys. My room looked like a kiddie version of Hoarders. Lol!


Kouture Kisses